Zombie Notes Study Chart: ABG Interpretation & Worksheet

Zombie Notes Study Chart: ABG Interpretation & Worksheet

by Michele G. Kunz

Zombie Notes Study Charts

Zombie Notes Study Charts

This laminated study chart includes the most important information healthcare professionals must memorize to successfully understand and interpret arterial blood gasses (ABG). This information is also very helpful for the American Heart Association (AHA) certification exams for ACLS, BLS, and PALS. Includes an easy to understand chart for ABG interpretation. The ABG filled-in worksheet gives different scenarios with the answers and explanation. Although a lot of information is included on the two pages, it is easy to see, easy to read, and easy to follow. Many thousands of nurses and other healthcare professionals have used this study chart. These charts were first developed by Michele and Joe in 1985. They have progressed to their current form, and are kept up-to-the-minute accurate.

Special Features: Mnemonics; Easy to read & follow; Thick, heavy-duty, baked-on plastic lamination.

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Zombie Notes:

The Fast and Painless Way to Devour your Studies.®

Zombie Joe

Zombie Notes Study Charts

All of the Zombie Notes Study Charts are 11.5″ x 9″, two pages long, and filled with up-to-the-minute accurate information. Each one is professionally printed on thick card stock, and encased in a thick, baked-on, lamination. Michele expects her students to memorize every item on each Zombie Notes. The information is easy to follow and understand. Michele welcomes any questions you might have about the Zombie Notes and their content. All Zombie Notes are available from Amazon.com.
What are Zombie Notes Study Charts?

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About Michele G. Kunz

I am a nursing educator and AHA Certified Instructor and I specialize in providing AHA Certification classes in ACLS, BLS, and PALS to healthcare professionals and students. I am also a certified six-sigma green belt (CSSGB).
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3 Responses to Zombie Notes Study Chart: ABG Interpretation & Worksheet

  1. Eunice Castillo-Ross, RN, MN, FNP says:

    ABG interpretation – Zombie Notes laminated.
    Enjoyed your Youtube presentation thoroughly but flipped when I saw what Amazaon .com is selling this for ($1,979?????????). Is this for real. Where else are these available? Please advise at your earliest possible convenience.

  2. karen lourence says:

    Amazon $1979.00, seriously???? Where else can I buy these?

    • Hi Karen, I am sorry about that. There is something wrong with the Amazon site. They have told me that they would fix it. That high price is not my price, but Amazon’s. It should be back to normal soon. Michele

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