Video: “Notes on Nursing” by Florence Nightingale

Video Description:
Nursing educator Michele Kunz gives a short talk about “Notes on Nursing” by Florence Nightingale. Michele edited and published Nightingale’s book and made it into a student-friendly and reader-friendly edition. This edition is the first in history to be made into a nursing-student friendly edition with focus questions for each chapter, author quotes, and a full index that includes a glossary, word index, author bio, and additional sources for nurses – all designed to make reading and studying this book much easier and much more enjoyable. A modern nurse can learn more from Florence Nightingale with our edition than any edition published before in history. While medical knowledge has significantly increased since Nightingale’s time, her common sense & wisdom still form a solid basis for caring for sick people today. Nightingale created higher standards for the nursing profession with this book. This helped transform nursing into the respectable profession we know today. Notes on Nursing continues to provide an excellent resource for nurses. Please watch in HD.

Nightingale is considered the mother of modern nursing. She is most remembered as a pioneer of nursing and a reformer of hospital sanitation methods. She is also the first woman to receive the British Order of Merit. The school that she established became a model for modern nurse training. Notes on Nursing is regarded as nursing’s first textbook.

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About Michele G. Kunz

I am a nursing educator and AHA Certified Instructor and I specialize in providing AHA Certification classes in ACLS, BLS, and PALS to healthcare professionals and students. I am also a certified six-sigma green belt (CSSGB).
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