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Dear Nurse Michele . . .

Dear Michele:
I went to a nursing seminar today and the instructor told us that we will have a difficult time finding employment as an EKG technician.  She said that there are medical assistants and such that can do EKGs and draw blood, etc. In your professional opinion, is she correct? I am having difficult time trying to figure out what I want to do school wise. Please let me know of any information and or opinion you may have about this. Thank you.

There are positions as EKG technicians in cardiac, cardiac rehab offices, and cardiac focused hospitals. But the instructor is correct about the medical assistants in the hospital and doctors offices – they are trained to do many skills, not just the one. You can search job posting sites and see what is available in your community.

An alternative you might consider to help you choose a career path is to first become a Nursing Attendant in a hospital. This way you might see if perhaps nursing school or other medical career path would be in your future.

There are other technicians that work in radiology – such as sonographers, X-Ray technicians, etc.  These programs may be longer, more difficult, and more expensive, but may be rewarding careers. Good Luck.


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