Nursing Teamwork and Patient Satisfaction

Dear Nurse Michele . . .

Dear Michele:
I am about to go on my first job interview at a  hospital. I have heard that the interviewers will ask me about the hospital’s mission and values. What do the mean by this? Are they asking about how committed I will be to improving the quality of life of the patients, and how I will contribute to that? Any advice you have about this will be greatly appreciated.

With a question like that they are looking for you to talk about teamwork and improving patient satisfaction. Nowadays every hospital is trying very hard to improve patient satisfaction.

You will help contribute to improving patient satisfaction and quality of life by being an active team player. The job interviewer wants to make sure that you understand that good nurses are team players.

Every hospital now understands that there is a direct relationship between a good healthy teamwork culture in hospitals and patient reports of their satisfaction with the care they received. Every hospital is striving to develop a hospital culture that emphasizes teamwork among its employees and de-emphasizes those aspects of hospital bureaucracy that are not essential to assuring efficiency and quality care. As team players, nurses can be part of making the decisions at all levels. Everyone, at every level, needs to be committed to the team’s mission of improving patient satisfaction.

Please let me know how your interview went. I would like to hear more about your interview and the questions you were asked. Good Luck.

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I am a nursing educator and AHA Certified Instructor and I specialize in providing AHA Certification classes in ACLS, BLS, and PALS to healthcare professionals and students. I am also a certified six-sigma green belt (CSSGB).
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