Big Data Creates Big Improvements In Healthcare (Infographic)

By Kristin Hambelton
Over the past couple of decades, big data has made a significant impact on many industries, including financial services, technology, telecommunications, retail, and more. For the healthcare sector in particular, big data is helping to transform the industry, paving the way for a more efficient, effective, and personal approach to care in the future.

The statistics speak for themselves: As the $2.8 trillion industry continues to evolve, big data could add as much as $300 million per year.

But big data for healthcare is about more than revenue growth.Today’s shifting healthcare landscape demands a proactive approach to patient care – aided by the use of big data. The vast amount of healthcare data currently available gives health systems the increased ability to improve patient quality of life, increase preventable care, and enhance patient-to-provider engagement, to name a few benefits.

What’s more, big data improves accuracy and selectivity in clinical trials and provides actionable insights in hospital settings (i.e., discharge planning, disease management, quality assurance, performance reporting, etc.). One hospital was expected to save $850,000 in overtime costs due to real-time staffing adjustments from big data analysis.

Check out our infographic below to learn more about how big data creates big improvements in healthcare.

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Big Data and Healthcare
Via: Evariant

Thank you very much to Maggie Kimberl for sharing this infographic with us.


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