How Dogs Improve Your Health (Infographic)

They say that a dog is man’s best friend – and for good reason. Anyone with a dog knows how cute, cuddly and lovable these furry, four-legged creatures can be.

Dogs are more than just our best friends, however. Sure, these loyal critters stand next to us to keep us company, help us feel protected and make sure we always feel loved. But, did you know that their affectionate kisses may be actually improving our health one lick at a time?

There is mounting evidence to suggest that your dog may actually be affecting your health in much greater ways than we ever thought possible. As researchers continue to explore this notion, they are finding that significant health benefits begin with a fine blend of human and canine microbes.

This infographic was created by the people at Click on the image for much more information.

How Dogs Improve Your Health

Thank you very much to Katie Cooper for sharing this infographic with us.


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Kunz is a husband, father of twins, and the co-founder of Dickson Keanaghan, LLC, a medical training and publishing company near New York City. Kunz is also an AHA Certified BLS, CPR, and AED instructor.
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