Michele and Joe have appeared as guests on WABC-TV news

Michele and Joe have appeared as guests on WABC-TV news

Some Info About This Website
With this blog I want to be able to share and discuss my thoughts on healthcare, nursing, and nursing education issues with nurses from all over America and the world. I already get emails and questions from nurses all over the world – now I want to share them with you. Being able to share this with you might prompt a response or other questions from topics that affect us in our daily life as healthcare providers.

I have been teaching classes on nursing, and speaking to nurses and students about nursing, for over 33 years. They have a lot to say and a lot to share. Nurses are a very smart and hard-working group of people that help make our world a much better place to live in. This blog is an amazing and powerful way for me to connect with these nurses and to share that information with you. I hope you will share this journey with me and my husband Joe.

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Some Info About Using This Website
To search this website, please use the listings in the column on the right side of this screen. You can also use the navigation bar that is in the top portion of this screen. Please be aware that if you click on the ‘categories’ and ‘tags’ that you will see at the bottom of each posting, it will take you out of this website to other sites that I have nothing to do with – so please use the navigation that you will see at the top of every page and also on the right side.

Photo of Nursing Educator and Certified Nursing Instructor Michele G. Kunz

Some Info About Michele
I am an AHA Certified Instructor and specialize in providing AHA Certification classes in ACLS, BLS, and PALS. I am also a certified six-sigma green belt (CSSGB). Visit my website to see more about me, my classes, my books, study guides, essays, and articles. Visit my YouTube page to see all of my free video lessons.

I have been a clinical nursing educator for over 29 years. During those years, I have helped many thousands of nurses improve their own job performance and increase their own job satisfaction. I consider myself to be a nurse’s nurse, because I am not hidden away in a classroom or office, but out on the floor everyday – interacting with hospital management, the nurses, the patients, and the physicians.

For many years I was the Director of Nursing Education and Informatics at Long Island College Hospital in Brooklyn, NY. I was in the LICH Nursing Education Department for 25 years. I developed the desire to teach nurses over 30 years ago when I was an ICU nurse at Staten Island University Hospital. It was at SIUH that I realized that I could learn how to be a better nurse by teaching the other nurses. I haven’t stopped teaching since then.

I am now the Director of Nursing Resources and Research at Mercy Medical Center in Rockville Centre, Long Island, NY.

I am also the Director of Education at Dickson Keanaghan, LLC, a company that I helped create, where we train and certify the medical staff of over 600 hospitals, medical offices, and surgi-centers throughout Long Island, New York City, and Westchester. If you would like to take one  of my classes, or have me come to your office and train your staff, please visit my training website.

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Some Info About Joe
When Joe and I met in 1984, I was working full-time in the Intensive Care Unit at Staten Island University Hospital, and teaching a few classes on the side. Joe was building his first start-up company on Long Island, and assisting me with the classes. In 1985 the two of us took a part-time job at a nursing service in Brooklyn where we taught AHA certification classes to nurses and physicians. I taught the classes, and Joe learned all about managing the business, the classes, the students, the classroom, the other instructors, and the equipment.

Joseph C Kunz, Jr. EzineArticles Diamond Author

Eventually we started to teach more classes on our own. We very quickly built a dedicated following of nurses and physicians throughout New York City and Long Island.  We then started to grow the company very quickly and began training and certifying the medical staff at medical offices and then entire hospitals.

Our business would not be as successful as it is without the both of us working together. Right from the beginning Joe brought all his business experience and entrepreneurial fortitude into our operation. Joe had been developing his business skills and work-ethic from a very young age. He has worked very hard at making our business professional, successful, and strong. Over these last 29 years, I have perfected the teaching part of our operation, and he has perfected the marketing, management, and financial side.

Our business has been a wonderful 29+ year learning experience and journey. Despite the long days and hard work, I never want our journey to end. I am looking forward to seeing how far we can take it. The more healthcare professionals and students that we help, the more successful we feel.

Joe has been our business manager since 1984. In 2003, when we founded Dickson Keanaghan together, Joe became the President and CEO of our corporation, and he officially became Director of Operations for our training company. In this role he is responsible for finance, marketing, and business development. 

I hope you enjoy my blog and I hope to hear from you. Please email me any questions you have about anything you see on my blog or about any aspect of nursing. I also look forward to reading your comments and suggestions.

“I always look forward to Michele’s classes. She truly has a gift for teaching.  Making people laugh and enjoy learning at the same time is a beautiful thing.
Rosemary Fine, RN, North Shore-Long Island Jewish Medical Center, Lake Success, NY


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